Not all products are made equal, lets see the differences

When it comes to a self-tan, every product tends to give a little different result.

  Livweli jarred sun tanning drops



We use only
Organic DHA

  • Tan that sets fully within 4-6 hours
  • Delivers consistent medium tones
  • Tan has a quicker natural fade that will not appear patchy
  • FDA approved

We don't use

  • This common skin tanning agent takes a long time to develop, sometimes up to 2 days
  • Has red and yellow hues to the set tan
  • Though long lasting, it can struggle fading naturally causing it to look patchy
  • Not FDA approved
Fast absorbing, Not Sticky
  • We kicked out many of the sticky skin conditioners for more natural ones, resulting in a fast absorbing formula you will barely notice when once dried.
Easy on acne 
  • Witch hazel and brown seaweed swapped out harsh ingredients like alcohol and benzoic acid - Making this formula more gentle on acne and eczema, this is a fungal-acne safe formula.
EU-Allergen Safe
  • Tocopherol was not used in this formula which comes from soy beans.
Reef Safe
      • We only use ingredients that are safe to coral reefs should they inadvertently end up in our oceans.